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All about whether trampolines are actually safe for kids or not


Lots of us grew up either owning our own trampoline like any of the amazing Vuly trampolines or knew a family that owned one. Lots of parents wonder whether these amazing playthings are currently safer than they were at one time. Thankfully, a lot more safety measures have been put in place.


Not only are modern-day options real fun to bounce on, but they are also excellent for therapy. For parents with kids that have autism, they can be lifesavers in varying ways. The options of the past were more hazardous. There were the problems of springs being exposed, metals frames also being exposed, and lack of enclosures, and so on. That was a different period, but people still jumped on them. This article takes a close look at selecting safe options for your kids.


Brands make a real difference

Our children do not care one hoot about the brand of any trampoline while they are jumping on it. It’s left for their parents to ensure their safety by choosing only the right options that will be both fun and safe. Every manufacturer features its own unique and individual design specifications when manufacturing the trampoline. These variations in design could actually make a massive difference in which of the varying available options will be safer. You could check the brand out by reading reviews before making an informed decision on the safest options such as Vuly trampolines in Australia for your kids.


Springs are quite crucial

When it concerns trampoline safety, springs also make a massive difference. When choosing an option, choose one that features springs that fit into their holes securely. The springs must be firm and not overstretched. Overstretched springs will not spring back into normal position when they are expanded or pulled. Overstretched springs are a sign of being old and a need to be replaced. Should yours lose its bounciness, then it’s one other sign that the springs have started getting old and might have to be changed.


The frame

The frame – metal components – must be smooth and sturdy, so as to support users’ weight and prevent bruises and cuts.


Safety pads and enclosure

Unfortunately, not all options feature enclosures. To enhance the safety of your kids, seek an option that features an enclosure or you could go on to buy the enclosure as an add-on. Make sure it securely attaches to the frame. The enclosure, its poles, hooks, as well as the frames,  must also be covered fully by the safety pad.


What you can do to make your safe for your kids

The safety of trampolines is a matter of imagining what could potentially go wrong and including parameters to prevent all problems. Parents can easily formulate safety plans by utilizing their own childhood experiences to deal out boundaries that weren’t in place when they were children.


Being there to monitor them when your kids are jumping is crucial. You’ll be there to catch them should they fall, or at the barest minimum, put mats down to cover more ground to make sure the kids aren’t flopping out of the Vuly trampolines and hitting themselves on the ground.